gra-tu-i-tous |grəˈt(y)oōitəs|
{ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin gratuitus ‘given freely,spontaneous’}
1. uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted : gratuitous violence.2. given or done free of charge : gratuitous advice.
vi-o-let |ˈvī(ə)lət|{ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French violette} adjective:
1. a bluish-purple color seen at the end of the spectrum opposite red.
2. a herbaceous plant of temperate regions, typically having purple, blue,or white five-petaled flowers, one of which forms a landing pad for pollinating insects. Genus Viola, family Violaceae.
3. ME.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Someone's in the Kitchen with Fletchie

i was in the kitchen this morning, making coffee and getting a snack for fletcher, the wonder cat,
when i noticed a luscious smell wafting in and went to the window to detect it.
sniff sniff sniff.
then i looked down and i was holding a can of liver and bacon cat food.
that slop smelled good...
did i fail to mention that i have been a vegetarian for over 26 years?

  the culprit  

there are reasons why i call bacon the gateway drug for vegetarians.
and i never even enjoyed bacon.

  dunk dunk, nom nom nom  

so i settled for a healthy breakfast consisting of wicked-strong coffee, 
and a handful of cookies: girl scout thin mints.

and afterward, i had a snuggle with the queen of liver and bacon herself.

  ~ cat as pillow ~  

kitchen bonus round:
coffee/thin mints for breakfast
watermelon chunks for lunch
and this for dinner:

  home-made potato and mushroom soup with dill and fresh parsley   
  and a couple of yummy avocado/cheddar toasties.  
  i sense your jealousy.  
  it's deserved.  


  1. the kitty pic.

    I am not a vegetarian, although I rarely eat red meat, however I cant abide bacon. Not even the smell of it cooking. Urghhh - turns my stomach.

    SO wish I'd taken pics of the Italian feast I made on friday now. Even made my own garlic chiabatta.
    Yup. You woulda been jealous too.

  2. Today I ate two bacon sandwiches, one for me and one for you. Oh, who am I kidding, I would have eaten the second one anyway.

  3. I am not a veggie, but you dinner looks delicious. If animals did not want to be eaten they should not taste so good.


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