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1. uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted : gratuitous violence.2. given or done free of charge : gratuitous advice.
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1. a bluish-purple color seen at the end of the spectrum opposite red.
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3. ME.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

bonnie tyler made me do it...

it should come as no surprise that i was born on a day of the full moon.
on a national holiday nonetheless, and i was also a breech birth. [does that make it a double-full moon?]
i am also a woman. but you already knew that!
so, i feel very closely tied to the workings of the moon, and her related hijinx- like tides, eclipses, full moons, dark moons, lunatics, wolves, cats, magical night-blooming plants, menstrual cycles, and intuitive metaphysical wisdom.

 actias luna 
 she attracts males by secreting her mothy perfume at night 

i used to chart out a 13 moon-cycle planetary cliff's notes version of my predictions for the year, and send it to my friends as a present. i have not done so in 2 years, because i have moved so many times, my ephemeris, astro books and charts were in and out of storage, as well as my time being divided between survival, and creativity. who has time for astrological forecasting then? not i. [i was also offline for those years. for real.]

 get to know your solar system 

so, i may feel the effects, yet not know the exact planetary movements in relation to my solar and lunar positions.

 every 29.5 days, like clockwork 

well, after i experienced some serious emo issues over the course of june 1st through the 3rd, i decided to look into what planetary/lunar hullabaloo was going on. i found my almanac with moon tables [where are my astro books? buried in storage? sold on the black market?]
and discovered this:

 taken just last week 

we had a partial solar south node eclipse in gemini on june 1st, and are having another full lunar north node eclipse in sagittarius on the 15th and another partial south node solar eclipse on july 1st in cancer. 
my my.

 full lunar eclipse time lapse photo taken in helsinki 

what does this mean for us?
eclipses effect the balance and order of things in our lives- either teetering them off center, or pushing them ahead. like the tides the moon rules, we cannot push against it and expect anything to happen. we must yield to the deep psychic and intuitive energies, and go for the ride- be it on a squall, or the calmest seas.
gemini is one of the two sun signs ruled by *mercury- the messenger of the gods. the other is virgo. knowing about the two helps explain better the difference in each's expression. both are interested in intellectual endeavors, gemini = "i learn/attain knowledge" while virgo = "i teach/incorporate knowledge"- the geminis i know all aced their exams and barely studied. i am a virgo teacher, and know two other virgo teachers as well. and i study my butt off for an exam, no matter how menial. 

 siamese twins 

gemini is very airy and intelligent, reserved and methodological, sees both sides of the story and can relate to many different points at once. oh those wacky twins! (i love my gemini people.)

 full-on whack attack! 
 redunculousness = gemini's twin 

the nodes of the moon lay 180 degrees apart, and tell us which way the moon was facing the great planetary orb, and relay karmic lessons we need to learn and teach, the north being the quasi-easier of the two, it reflects unfamiliar circumstances, and that which flows in and out more smoothly than it's counterpart- the south node, which brings out our insecurities, warns us and challenges us to re-learn that which we thought we knew already. 

 you need the day, time and location of your birth 

knowing your natal chart is essential for interpretation of this inner working stuff, but i love it, and will blather on.
ahem... my south node is in gemini in the 7th house. the house of partnership. it's also the house my saturn is in- that heavy critic! anyhoo, to say i was experiencing broken-down communication resulting in relationship issues- seemingly out of the blue- was cause for alarm. and my cell phone was acting like a bratty jerk!  and i definitely had to address some insecurities. but all smoothed itself out by saturday the 4th.

here we are, looking back on the week. 

did any of you experience any lunar gemini/communication/mercurial issues- arguments with family/friends/lovers/business partners? 
did you feel out of the ordinary like you wanted to showboat, or recluse? 
did you experience any other mercury related issues? 

 nice shoes 

[*mercury- the greek messenger of the gods hermes. remember- he represents getting A to B, our modes of transportation, language and communication in general.]

 i couldn't resist leaving you lovelies without this: 
 i'm always in the dark...
 forever's gunna start tonight  

just something to think about. 

soo- keep in mind the next two eclipses and stay posted for more info @ that lunacy!


  1. bonnie tyler knows!

    yeah, this week was pretty lame, especially because it's not over yet. but it's nothing that a little TGI FRIDAY'S SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE CHEESE DIP can't fix! i know you love when i reference it....

  2. WOW! That was some dissection!

    was fun reading it. :)

  3. thanks you two!
    now i'm off to stock up on fgif's sacd for future weeks, and saltines/ginger ale to combat the effects...

  4. That picure of the lunar eclipse is amazing.
    I used to be a proper astrology boff - I even managed to convince a couple of friends who thought it was bollocks that there was something in it when I did their charts.
    Way I see it the planets are up there - no disputing that - therefore it's science not hocus pocus, although I've dabbled in wicca too.

    And yeah, I was born under a new moon, I even know that.

  5. All this talk of degrees and nodes has left me confused and in need of a cocktail!! Super sweet pictures though! :o)

  6. Wow, I am special. Like seriously short bus Special. I barely know my astrological sign and often double check via google if asked. Awesome that you know all this. I would not know where to begin.

  7. jamie- [and anyone interested in knowing more astrology stuff} go to ASTRO DIENST online and use their free software to calculate your natal chart.
    you need your birth day, time and place.
    then viola! reading @ you is sooo easy!!


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