gra-tu-i-tous |grəˈt(y)oōitəs|
{ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin gratuitus ‘given freely,spontaneous’}
1. uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted : gratuitous violence.2. given or done free of charge : gratuitous advice.
vi-o-let |ˈvī(ə)lət|{ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French violette} adjective:
1. a bluish-purple color seen at the end of the spectrum opposite red.
2. a herbaceous plant of temperate regions, typically having purple, blue,or white five-petaled flowers, one of which forms a landing pad for pollinating insects. Genus Viola, family Violaceae.
3. ME.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Applause Applause Applause

Applauses All Around.
For Moi.

Mimi @ Magical Mystical Mimi bestowed me with this:

Originally from someone called Unicorna.
Like I could resist posting it 

I f'n LOVE Owls.
So there's also that.

It came with some directions but I may be unable to follow them 100%.
I will do my bastardized best.

1. - Link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. - Follow the person who awarded you this award.
3. - Proudly display your award on your blog.

4. - List 5 of your favorite things.
5. - Pass this award onto 5 fellow bloggees.

First of all, I love that someone found el Blob-o here cute
I fucking drop so many f-bombs and goddamned c-bombs, it's like catholic school around here!  

(Bless us all!)

I will list my 5 favorite CUTE things, rather than my 5 general fave's. 
Let's face it, that's harder to do. Let's go!

1) Baby freiken animals. 

 Put a baby animal in a basket and I will fall over dead:

That shit is like my Kryptonite. No exaggeration. 

2) Miniature stuff that's used in everyday life: 

tiny furniture, 

mini kitchen appliances,

 micro home-wares, 

tiny tarot, etc.

3) When Fletcher snores. 

Or any cat/dog who "talks" in their sleep &/or "runs" while laying down and sleeping as well. 
Have you experienced this? 
Amazing stuff.

4) When I overhear little kids use swear words.

I used to be a nanny and my little charge would exclaim "Shit!!!" when he dropped anything. That was his "father's" doing, not mine. 
I just enjoyed it inside

It is also adorable when I hear little fuckers with foreign accents.

 How cute is that? Very.

5) Creepy old dolls with missing limbs and such. 

Stuff cute yet bordering on the grotesque usually grabs my attention. 

Like three-legged dogs or cats. 

If it's maimed, I usually want to hug it as I squeal "Awwww", then bring it home, or mail it to a friend. Well, maybe not mail a dog to a friend exactly. 

Alrighty then... I have to pass this cuteness on. Great. 
I shall pass it onto those folks who may see "cute" in ways I deem cute.
I.E. Ridiculously.

~ Katy @ Lesbians In My Soup because she's knife-sharp and I love soup. 
~ Flip @ Hill Blocks View because he tells lies to us regularly and I laugh because of those said lies.
~ Dirty Cowgirl @ Left Alone with a Full Moon because she enlightens us about random thoughts, twisted and distorted with quite witty proportions.
~ Lucy @ How to Hate Everything because without the how-to part, I would be a dirty hippy.
~ Greg @ Greg Scott's Compendium of the Weird and the Wonderful because he's one funny mofo.
And because he's all over the place being funny and poignant, and doesn't give a shit:
~ Rafa @ The Rude Blog.

So take it or leave it. 

It is Oscar night right?

Consider YOU awarded.


  1. Well thanks.

    I will put it on the award page but I am not going to pass it on or comply with the conditions.
    Well ok, maybe one, but I'm already following you so that's easy.

  2. Hee hee, Violet, your blogs about as cute as mine! Congrats!

    1. Almost... I don't have "lil man" as you do, but my kitty IS my deal-breaker. Congrats right back atcha!

  3. I won a blogging award, and while I am flattered and grateful, I have never liked receiving awards.

  4. I look at it like a friend buying you a beer. Not like a star on the walk of fame/shame. Whatevs. Flattered, but not stupendously. No offense if anyone else is. After all, I have like 30 readers.

  5. LIES?! LIES?!
    1) Only if your narrow definition of lie means never telling the truth, then I guess I lie.
    2) I prefer to consider it a repackaging of the truth.
    3) I am interested in string theory. In an alternate FLIP universe I might be describing actual events.
    4) Nah, I lie out my ass.

    Thanks for the props. I think you're super keen as well.

  6. 2] repackage away my friend. and keep 'em coming!!!

  7. Oh, that baby doll with the missing arm...........yikes. Better sleep with the light on again tonight.


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