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Sunday, April 3, 2011

you have got to be kidding me...

okay, i understand it takes all types of people to make up human-kind... but is it really necessary to have 8 or 14 fucking kids?
have we learned nothing?

i'm pissed!

let me start at the beginning shall i?

i like the little tab at the top of the page that says "next blog>>" because it brings you to a random blog written by someone else. my guess- without researching this- is that it takes a common theme you already researched or wrote about and runs with it. so, if i am blogging now about how i wish people would stop breeding like rabbits, and i hit "next blog>>", the likeliness of being sent to some sister-wives blog page, saturated with bullshit about their damn giant family- is high. there are thousands of them!

where are the philosophical blogs in random circulation?
where are the comedic blogs, or the literary blogs? why don't they pop up?
occasionally, i am sent to a cool art blog, but rarely.
sometimes i land on a travel blog, or even a foreign-language blog about mountaineering.
but every time i am on a jag of "next blog>>" i inadvertently land at the family pages.
blog after random blog like this: candace loves being a mommy, now her seemingly useless life has purpose- look at thad's picture... aww, how cute! 
and people follow this drivel! 


i get it: people have kids.

okay, you want to have sex, then see a little version of you run amok.
even live your dreams vicariously through them.
i don't.
but what's wrong with birthing one, or two?
for the love of the planet, which is obviously not a concern for most breeders, why have more kids than you can count on their left hand?

update: women have 2 breasts, not 8 teats or an udder. thank you very much

if one more idiot tells me that god blessed the couples who have teams of kids, i will scream bloody murder!
talk about taking the name of god in vain...

i say- hey asshole, have 4 more babies, and screw your tax break. you get taxed higher. a thanks for screwing the planet tax, or a goodbye to natural resources tax.
do i get a break for conscientious lack of breeding?
do i get a party where people buy me cute shit and i make them oh and ah for hours while i open it up in front of them and we all eat stupid mini-sandwiches?
i get stares and sideways glances from moms who assume i envy them. ha!
i get told that a woman isn't a fully a real woman if she's not a mother.
i get told i am jaded. all this crap from one woman to another. nice.
who the fuck do these jerks think they are- making ignorant assumptions like that?
so much for sisterhood.
i wonder if men pull that shit on one another.
a guy can fuck his best friends wife, and the two remain friends after the divorce, but women will scratch another woman's eyeballs out for oogling her looser boyfriend.
fucking ridiculous. oops, i'm rambling.

the world is filled with good and bad people, and if it is exponentially overpopulated, doesn't that mean there will be more and more assholes roaming around as time goes by? why add to the chances of birthing the next criminal or narcissist by having 13 kids?
not all these parents can be farmers... who else needs that many kids?
q: how does the uterus not fall out after delivering 10 kids?
and who wants to screw after pushing a dozen babies through their vagina?
isn't that like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?
do kegels help with that?

i believe that choosing to NOT be a parent is an admirable choice. 
and not every parent should be one. 
most suck at least a little bit. some suck alot, and then those who are awful at parenting often have lots of kids. sick irony.
let's think about the incarcerated, shall we?
what would you estimate the percentage of violent inmates is who came from a good home? 
80%? 2%? 
maybe their folks should have used a rubber, no? 
how about the child molester, would his life be just as sentimental to you if you knew when he was a baby- what he'd turn out to be? 
i say let's just drop the plucking heart-string act for a minute and look around here.
having a kid is a crap shoot. 
you could get a good one, healthy, who turns out smarter than you are, who listens well and is respectful. you could also get a meanie, a real problem starter. or worse... one never knows, and counting fingers and toes tells very little.

be realistic.

again, no- god didn't bless these human rabbits with little angels.
mammals reproduce. amphibians reproduce. plants reproduce.
and while the making and growing process of offspring may be interesting and such, it's not a fucking miracle!!!
egg and sperm met. cells divided and grew. a fetus attached to the uterine wall. it grew into a miniature human.
not a miracle.
but what is a miracle is the fact that the fathers willingly watch their partner's bodies ripped apart as the baby is being born, and then they go back for more.
double gross.

some years ago, a woman i used to work with brought in pics that her husband [now ex-husband, thank you] took as she delivered her son. she wanted to show them to a pregnant co-worker. i was curious, since i never saw a human birth, only a calf being born- on tv.
let me tell you, the pics were icky. gave me the willies, and i love science. cadaver lab fascinated me.
but why would you want to proudly show that intimate view to your co-workers?
hey y'all, want to look at my hairy bloody ripped up love-slice?
what a mess.

i'm all for nature. don't get me wrong. reproduction is natural.
women have sex and want to get knocked up. fine. i get it.
i even kept my options open about entering motherhood off and on throughout my life, but always settle on no thanks.
still do.

i wish all mothers would use a midwife and all would breast feed their babies too.

we need good parents out there. there are too many duds.

so, if you are reading this, which you aren't- since nobody does, remain calm, and don't get all defensive if you are a parent- or want to be.

i don't hate you all. 
i do dislike and lack respect for the ignorant droves of mass producers of human life. no social or ecological consciences to be found in them. only blank stares and excuses.

i just urge people to stop the following:
1) breeding as opposed to parenting. have one or two max per couple
see: Zero Population Growth
2) calling babies miracles. grow up. you make me ill.
3) insisting that we all want to be parents, or someday we will. it's condescending and incorrect.
4) assuming we all don't like children. come on, it's not cut and dry like that. so stop assuming.

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  1. I agree with you on many points, although I'm not quite as,um...outspoken...about it.
    There are far too many people on this poor, overtaxed world of ours. We continue to breed blindly, to the detriment of the environment and the other living things who share it with us. I'm often shocked by the arrogance and irresponsibility that seems to define the human race. Thankfully, there are still a few sensitive souls out there, which prevents me from being a complete cynic.
    I chose not to have kids. I adopt strays instead.


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